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WP Sonic Defender

WP Sonic Defender – New WordPress Plugin Slaps Hackers Using Bots For Brute Force Attacks!

In the event that you’ve been utilizing WordPress for any longer than one hour then you definitely realize that circumspect programmers are perseveringly attempting to break into each WordPress site far and wide.

Also, it won’t take much sooner than your site is focused on as well.

Maybe it as of now has been.

Provided that this is true, then risks are that you’ve been hit with a savage power assault on your login page.

Programmers use “bots” to endeavor to figure your login/secret word.

Certainly you can make a novel username and secret key that make it verging on outlandish for these bots to break, yet another issue accompanies these savage power assaults.

It puts an enormous weight on your server!

These savage power assaults can push your server to the point of it smashing… bringing on your site to go dow


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