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WP SalezPress

“WP SalezPress – it is sooner or later right here! Layout stunning offer pages in Photoshop and effortlessly carry them into WordPress!

WP SalezPress makes it smooth to design state-of-the-art advertising and marketing pages.

1. Design Your provide page

really open Photoshop and select your favored provide page PSD record. Pick out from a income letter, squeeze page or video squeeze page template. Use the .PSD record as your template to layout your cutting-edge provide web page in Photoshop. Grids are enabled to make certain your layout will in shape seamlessly into your SalezPress subject matter.

2. Routinely Slice Up Your layout for WordPress

after you’re satisfied with your new design it’s now time to slice it up. We’ve covered an Actionscript to be able to robotically slice up your design into man or woman photos. Just hit play and Photoshop will take over and spit out every person provide page image mechanically.

3. Upload Your New design

Now that your layout is sliced up into individual pics, simply log into WordPress, choose the page template you want to use and add every character graphic into your SalezPress offer page. Hit shop and your very own, ‘designed via you’ offer web page is now equipped to be crammed in together with your income replica and content thru the WordPress put up editor…!”


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