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WP Pop Wizard

“Here’s a brief rundown of only a percentage of the things you can do with this astounding WP Pop Wizard plugin:

– No farthest point to the quantity of Popups per site

– Classic LightBox Popups

– “Slide” Popups – can be designed as “header” or “footer” popups

– Hover Popups – for showing element substance to perusers

– Designed to take practically any legitimate <body> segment HTML

– Three (3) sorts of “Float” popups – pick the particular case that fits your needs

– Place popups on particular WordPress pages

– Integrated, Full-Featured, WYSIWYG HTML manager (ckEditor)

– Associate Popups with particular Categories – to show on WordPress posts

– Soft Exit Popups (use both “Excellent” and “Slide”)

– Set Popup Start Date and End Date

– Contol Popup Delay (in seconds)

– Control “Slide-in” velocity (in seconds)

– Plus a ton more…!”


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