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WP Mobile Assault

“WP Mobile Assault – Collect & impact cell numbers by means of SMS from the delightful versatile site! This mammoth of a plugin makes for you in under 5 ticks!

Lives up to expectations for WordPress and non-WordPress destinations, as well!

WP Mobile Assault is the first plugin of its kind. It consolidates two basic forces into one consistent machine that is anything but difficult to utilize… Making it the ideal device in your logged off showcasing arms stockpile… On the other hand ideal for gathering phone leads all alone locales…

How about we separate precisely what it’ll accomplish for you:

1. Change ANY site into a perfect versatile form… Perfect with iPhones, Android telephones, Blackberry telephones, and all tablets.

2. Gather Phone Numbers & Contact Them Via SMS Texting At Any Time, For Free…!”


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