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Webinar Express 1.2

Webinar Express 1.2


Webinar Express is an astonishing WordPress plugin that offers your some after components:

– Customizable Registration Templates

– Facebook Connect and AR Integration Options

– Live Webinar Templates-Q&A Features: This element is awesome for uniting with customers and permitting them to make inquiries about the item. lt’s likewise incredible for instructional webinars that are adapted at showing key aptitudes to a gathering of individuals who may originate from shifting foundations with contrasting measures of learning about the theme.

– Video Embedding

– Replay Ability. Ideal for sparing an important webinar on the off chance that you are occupied at the time it goes live.

– Call to Action Buttons-ln-Webinar Social Sharing: This component is ideal for showcasing or permitting live tweeting and presenting on advance the webinar while the webinar is going on.

– Attendance Reports: This capacity makes it less demanding for organizations to verify that representatives really viewed the course and permits people to accumulate information about their social compass.

– Unlimited facilitating. The same number of participants that sign up can go to, which is not an element of GoToWebinars


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