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“Viral Pay Bot is a WordPress plugin in an effort to flip heads. It’s miles unique and could permit the product proprietor to make money with it!

Just how does this work? Viral Pay Bot is absolutely a content LOCKER, however, not any antique content material locker… you notice this incredible plugin will lock content material in lots of diverse methods and one particularly is through a charge unlock… Someone with a content internet site can lock any kind of content material they need on their internet site and one of the method of unlocking is perfect for the browser to “PAY” 20 cent or 1$ or 100$ to release the content material that is proven within the web page.

A few predominant functions of Viral Pay Bot:

– release content material via tiny bills or huge bills if that is your thing.
– Plugin can effortlessly color out paragraphs, or complete pages of content inside a site.
– every block of “shaded out” content material has a display container describing what the viewer will learn once they liberate the content material.
– To free up the content material you’ll see SOCIAL buttons including “Like, Tweet, G+” admin can set that buttons to expose.
– once the content is unlocked thru payment, or LIKE it may be unlocked for in step with month, a week or forever whatever the admin units.
– as soon as content material is “Unlocked via price” they may be directed again to the unencumber web page or diverted to any other web page.
– rather than a window displaying what the consumer will analyze after they “release” the content material there’s the choice to put in a VIDEO that performs to entice the viewer to release the content material.
– there are various unlocking THEMED containers.
– whilst the content material is unlocked, there may be a option for a POPUP to expose UP that’s another method to sell your associate provide to the viewer who just sold into your content material…!”


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