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Scrapebox Scheduler

“what is it?
A program that masses and completes an infinite quantity of weblog commenting jobs in “speedy post” mode. For instance, if you have 5 key phrases to sell and a blog listing of 10,000 overall, load up the 5 jobs into the Scrapebox Scheduler and it’s going to put up activity 1, activity 2, task three, job four, and job 5 sequentially. It routinely hundreds the Names, remarks, electronic mail, Blogs, and web sites of each process!

Why do you want it?
As wonderful a application as Scrapebox is, it calls for a number of attention. You have got to test in regularly to look if a process is achieved, load the subsequent one, test again, load the subsequent activity, etc. Now you could load a day’s well worth of posting jobs and be achieved with it…”

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