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Offline Directory Booster

“Offline directory Booster allows offline entrepreneurs to goal chiropractor, real property, and dental directories nationwide.

NEW update: new map function in the software program allows the user to view live “Lead GEOGRAPHIC location”. This can assist hold the offline marketer higher knowledgeable on the region, opposition. Through having this feature users can outline if its a low earnings vicinity or sub-burb and so on… This all equals out to “better PROSPECTING”

Offline directory Booster also comes with a junk mail PDF device that lets in the offline marketers to make “direct mail” letters whilst attempting to find listing leads.

The PDF system turned into Pre-formatted for the person to certainly enter their text & add images at the click of a button. Equipped to transform junk mail PDF!

The software program additionally permits the person to pick out which exercise is paying to be featured on these directories or not. We have 2 indicators for them to perceive this White for (no longer Paying) (Orange) Is a paying lead.

Along with that the software program is able to mixture addresses, names, phones, url, fax.

Offline listing booster is likewise able to retrieve megastar scores for a particular business inside the listing. Awful or desirable the software program is capable of retrieve those info for the consumer.

Open seek function makes it clean for the user to search all directories (three) in overall Chiropractor, Realtor, Dental directories kingdom huge.

The software electronic mail system permits for clean e mail prospecting! They could even attach our PDF direct mailer and send it without delay to the commercial enterprise owner and lots greater…!”


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