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JitBit Macro Recorder

“JitBit Macro Recorder – the best full scale program for Windows. A console and mouse recorder as well as an intense computerization apparatus that changes over macros to EXE documents and then some.

Every single recorded keystroke and mouse movement can be spared to plate as a large scale (script) for later utilize, bound to a hotkey, stretched out with custom orders or even accumulated to an EXE document (a standalone Windows application). This full scale recording project will spare you a great deal of time on tedious errands. You can utilize the Macro Recorder to computerize ANY action in ANY windows application, record on-screen instructional exercises.

Large scale Recorder effectively robotizes your normal assignments!

This console and mouse recorder can:

– Record macros of your standard undertakings

– Create macros starting with no outside help utilizing the full scale supervisor and inherent orders like “open document”, “shutdown”, “dispatch site” and notwithstanding for-circles and if-proclamations like in “enormous” programming dialects.

Make your own projects and macros – no programming aptitudes required…!”


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