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LeaderTask is an easy to understand benefit for time administration.

Make your arrangements of errands for consistently, mastermind them by activities, partition undertakings into subtasks, set updates for essential assignments, join archives to undertakings, allocate them to your companions/associates and significantly more!

Coordinator LeaderTask is created for the individuals who need to get at the same time: undertakings, subtasks, notes, assignments, ventures, labels, appending of records and hunt.

What does LeaderTask can offer you yet other can`t:

➽ You can partition assignments into subtasks in any number and settling level. Subtasks can be likewise partitioned into littler errands

➽ Unique framework “Antiforgetfulness”. It permits you to recall every one of the errands you wanted to perform yesterday and days before yesterday, however you didn`t do this. The framework moves past due undertakings in the rundown of assignments for now

➽ You can outwardly highlight assignments (by shading them)

Clients of the program has as of now made more than 14 000 undertakings!

Our key favorable circumstances:

1. Disconnected mode (you can work with errands even without the Internet association)

2. Unsurpassed administration frameworks are bolstered: GTD, Autofocus, Superfocus, Pomodoro Technique, Do It Tomorrow, Stephen Covey System et cetera.

3. Information (errands, notes, ventures… ) are kept in encoded shape on our cloud server

Disconnected mode permits you to work with undertakings even without the Internet association. In the event that association is lost you can keep working. When you go online again LeaderTask sends every single new change in the cloud naturally. For instance, errands you doled out to your partners disconnected will be sent to them instantly.

LeaderTask helps you to accomplish the accompanying outcomes:

✰ You get away from the aggregate distraction

✰ You get your errands under control

✰ You have a great deal more extra time for your family, rest , leisure activities et cetera

✰ You can accomplish more them some time recently

✰ You raise your productivity and accomplish objectives quicker

Free record permits:

✓ Use the most recent renditions of the program the length of you need (boundless time)

✓ Create any number of undertakings, subtasks, notes, labels and hues for errands

✓ Set updates

✓ Work disconnected

✓ Update the program to the most recent forms

Premium record makes it conceivable to utilize considerably more extensive elements of the administratio




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