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Easy Dimesale Pro

EasyDimeSale Pro – The Only Combined Scarcity, Time Limited & Price Increase WordPress Plugin You’ll Ever Need!

EasydimesalePro is precisely what it says on the lable, it’s a simple to utilize dimesale script that is incredibly simple to transfer to your WordPress site, you just truly connect it to and enact it with a couple clicks.

The magnificence of easyDimeSale is it’s straightforwardness. You won’t require a degree in PHP or whatever other programming dialect to utilize it, so in case you’re somewhat of an amateur, we have you secured and additionally the more experienced advertisers.

Along these lines, how can it work:


The plugin deals with your stock and evacuates your purchase now catch when the point of confinement you set has been come to. So in the event that you need to offer 6 or 600 units, no issue in light of the fact that Easy Dimesale Pro has it secured. Simply set it to whatever you need.


The plugin numbers down to a date and time of you’re decision, and once it’s passed, it evacuates your purchase now catch. So now you can demonstrate to your guests that when you say an offer is over, it truly is over AND you don’t need to stress over being close to your PC to bring the offer down yourself.

Simply those components, make a really GREAT SCRIPT, wouldn’t you say? Be that as it may, investigate what else we’ve assembled in…


The EDS script will build the cost of your item by a measure of you’re picking, Not just that, at the same time, you additionally pick the augmentation.

It’s ALL incorporated with the script and a great deal more.


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