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Don’s WP Real Time Mouse Tracker

“Wear’s WP Real Time Mouse Tracker records each mouse move, snap and parchment!

See each and every move, clean your business channel, MAKE MORE SALES!

– – –

– Are You Worried Sales Are Passing You By?

Most Internet Marketers have encountered that profound fear, when you see your guest counter going up for quite a while without making any deals. Here and there you simply need to get your screen and shout “WHY AREN’T YOU BUYING MY STUFF?!”

– Ever Wonder What People Are Doing On Your Site?

Do you know what individuals click on your site? What about when they tap on it? Do you know whether they’re floating over your purchase catch and not clicking it? There are such a variety of things conventional examination just can’t let you know!

They Told You All You Needed Was Traffic, They Were Wrong!

Behind each number in your details there is a REAL PERSON who is utilizing your site and encountering what you’re putting forth. You require an approach to look behind them to see precisely what that experience is so you can make it better…!”


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