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CPV Lab 2.18

“CPV Lab – The Ultimate Testing, Tracking & Optimization Platform for Professionals!

– Self-Hosted: CPV Lab is an online, self-facilitated stage you keep running naturally Server…keeping your information private and just available by you!

– Easy to Use: You don’t should be a Coder or PHP Developer to exploit the capacities CPV Lab offers. Straight forward and basic.

– Simple Rotation: You can change and alter your points of arrival and offers being turned through a straightforward interface. No unpredictable coding to manage.

– Save Time & Budgets: Customizable Optimization Filters and Alerts to rapidly recognize failing to meet expectations targets, presentation pages and offers.

– Accurate Stats & Metrics: All in one spot… you have usable information to settle on the right choices at the perfect time to build your ROI. Alongside Time & Day Trends!

– Unlimited Flexibility: CPV Lab totally uproots the confinements most following stages have, giving you the capacity to run 6 distinct sorts of campaigns…


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