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Scraping Tools

SliQ Submitter Plus

“SliQ Submitter is a listing submission tool assisting you put up your internet site info to masses of net directories. One of the essential ways of making your internet site perform better in searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing is to get more oneway links on your website. Filing your internet site information to directories Read More

URL Radar 1.16

  URL Radar Validator – URL html source code analyzer! URL Radar is a source code analyzer that can confirm a rundown of site url’s for characterized content foot shaped impressions in source code. Examine a large number of url’s from a rundown and sort them as per their stage (wordpress, phpld catalog, pligg, vbulletin, Read More

GScraper Pro

GScraper is the most effective scrubber and publication for your third party referencing stockpile! GScraper is speediest and most precise Google scrubber on Earth. These components will take your breath away! With a normal setup, Gscraper can reap URLs at a rate of around 5 URLs every second for each string. That implies in single Read More

Footprint Factory Pro

Foot shaped impression Factory – Unlimited Backlinks!!! Foot shaped impression Factory discovers ALL examples crosswise over URLs, giving you massive 100% complete foot shaped impression records. No foot shaped impression will be left unfamiliar. You can utilize these foot shaped impressions to: – Find new connection focuses on nobody has ever utilized some time recently Read More