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BonusPress is another plugin for WordPress that helps you make a high-changing over reward page to draw in your clients and get more deals from them. This plugin works ponders for offshoot advertisers who need to advance any items on the Internet through their survey blog or by sending email to their email list.

What precisely can BonusPress do? Here is rundown of wonderful BonusPress highlights:

– Create reward page for WordPress blog with 3-stage procedure pipe.

– Have proficient configuration, header can be altered effectively.

– Countdown Timer highlight permits you making reward page give reward bundle just for a constrained time.

– Video Area highlight permits you embeddings survey feature of item into the reward page.

– Integrate social sharing element to share your reward page Facebook, Twitter.

– Integrate email automated assistant code to produce a rundown of your purchasers.

– Export your purchasers rundown to CSV or as a BCC email to effectively send your reward to them.

– Quick Stats screens reward site hits, member connection clicks and pick ins.

– Create short URLs match your area name and cover up long revolting member URLs.

– Facebook Comment incorporation.

– Quick Clone highlight permits offshoots rapidly clone your reward page for some different advancements.


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